TOOPISM represents International football players and domestic players from every division also cover youth international players, still undiscovered talent players and seasoned professionals. This wide variety of talent means we’re in touch with players at all levels of the game and understand their needs and requirements.

Team Player

There have been many occasions where you could say that one player above all others is the reason for a team’s success.

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Their bodies are built and conditioned like top level athletes and this athletic ability can often set a player apart from others.


Train like a pro

Work your hardest! Train as regularly as you can! Always be learning! Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! Dream Big!

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Ball mastery & running with the ball & shapes

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Mindset is a very broad area with many contributing factors so again this is broken down into smaller segments.

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Game Intelligence

“great vision”, “tactical awareness”, “footballing brain”, “composure on the ball”.

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Team Work
Technique is key
Development & Practice
Support & Motivation


The TOOP ISM is based on the networked knowledge of many experienced partners, Registered Intermediaries, Football Consultants and Operations support staff in numerous countries. Which through continuous serious work and the constant further development of its core competencies facilitates and conducts contract negotiations/renegotiation/transfers from club to club?
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Our Player Services Managers are specialized in Lifestyle Support and have vast experience of working within the sports industry. With our wide range of contacts we can deliver a first class response for all our Players needs.
1. Contract Negotiations
2. Lifestyle Management
3. Commercial Occasions
4. Financial Services
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First touch & control

Start slow & master the technique.

Decision making

Practice, practice, practice

Focus and make it purposeful

Body position & tempo

Keep repeating to train the mind & body

Be dynamic & explosive

Our Players